Magento, WooCommerce Lead Ecommerce Platform Market Share: Report

알렉사 리서치에 의하면, 상위 백만 사이트중에서 마젠토와 우커머스가 시장점유를 하고 있다는데 어헤드웤스가 마젠토 솔루션 공급자라서 믿거나 말거나요…

Magento and WooCommerce are the most popular ecommerce platforms among theAlexa top 1 million websites, according to recent research by aheadWorks, a Magento solution provider.

Magento accounts for 29.1 percent of the total market share, according to the research conducted this month. WooCommerce is slightly behind at 26.5 percent. A slew of other platforms (including Zen Cart, Miva Merchant, BigCommerce and Ecwid make up the other category, which accounts for 15.2 percent of total market share.

Shopify, the Canadian ecommerce platform that Google’s parent company Alphabet is rumored to be considering for an acquisition, accounts for 10.9 percent. aheadWorks said that Shopify has shown a significant jump “with the 17.4 percent relative market share growth index” achieved since the last study in October 2015.

Shopify is behind Ecwid, which despite having a much lower market share (0.1 percent) has a relative growth rate of 27.8 percent. The study notes that since Ecwid’s shopping cart is distributed as a plugin for popular CMS, including WordPress, “it seems that WordPress becomes a real mover for different e-platforms such as WooCommerce, WP E-Commerce, and Ecwid now.”

Ecommerce Platforms Popularity, March 2016

The first four ecommerce platforms account for a whopping 75.9 percent of the market.

그래프에서 보시는 바에 의하면, 우커머스다음으로 쇼피파이가 강세입니다. 아무래도 쇼피파이의 강점은 웹서버등의 부가 지식이 없이도 약간의 디자인스킬과 노가다를 더하면 못지않은 온라인 쇼핑몰을 구축할수 있다는 것이죠.

마젠토는 트랜드에서는 서서히 아웃오브안중인듯 한데 여전히 액티브하네요.


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